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when i grow up


Pets Rise

A velvet figure ripples past,
the Dachshund is on the move:
‘All for one… ’

Scimitars clash,
chatter flies from the Parrot’s beak:
‘One for all… ’

A warm cloud arches down from the balcony,
young Kit stretches:
‘United we stand… ’

‘… and Divided we fall!’

When I grow up please can I be the Fifth Musketeer?

©Hatty Mare poetry
1947 MO popular photography survey (including Country Life)



Ganesha’s envoys

Guardians from afar
balance nimbly
on the gate posts.

The elephants
carry castle turrets
between factory chimneys.

Two angels glistening in the gloom:
their trumpets silent
in the foreign monsoon.

© Hatty Mare 2014

Elephants on Gates of Bridson’s Bleachworks, Humphrey Jennings 1937















Insomnia on Ice and Coldplay’s Ghost Stories

a Poem, a Photo & some Music...


Insomnia on Ice

Eyelashes turn to icicles
to slash the milky sea
where twin black galleons
rock in iris storms.
The evening star flickers
as snow binds the lids to sleep.


©Hatty Mare 2014*

The Royal Collection: Grotto in an iceberg.
Insomnia on Ice is partly inspired by a photo taken over a 100 years ago.
I saw it slightly more recently at The Photographer's Gallery London.
Coldplay's Midnight
A suggested track, from their new album Ghost Stories, out today.
Thanks for leaving the light on Coldplay!